Current Project

Qpid - the revolutionary dating site. We say dating, but it is about getting to know people, meeting new faces and having fun.

Qup is the hearth of Qpid - make yourself visible and see who else is around. You will see who is there for love, for fun or for friendship, message them and get to meet!

See who is in your area real time, to break the ice send a message and if you get a positive response, meet there and then! It is a great way to meet people if you are alone in a new town, or if you just want to meet new people. Get out there, see who else is there looking for company and join up for love, friendship or fun!

Get your friends to join so you can make finding yourselves easier on a night out.

No more lonely nights, no more stress to walk to the bar and start a conversation. Check him/her out and if you like what you see, read, then make a move. Online or in person. Qpid is about getting people together in real life not in a virtual world.

Ongoing Projects

  Qdos Student Homes 'interactive' website and app....

Developing a 'state of the art' hotel management system.

About Us

Qlab is the technical brand behind Limited. We create all websites, mobile applications and digital marketing material for the businesses.

We want our projects to serve the student community.

This is a young, friendly environment, if you have any ideas about the projects please feel free to contact us. We listen.....

If you have any questions, please get in touch using the contact form.

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